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Naturally, it's very important that you read the full terms and conditions of our agreement to understand your rights and obligations. We also recommend that you discuss whether our product is right for you with an independent financial advisor.
You get paid a lumpsum of rent early and FutureRent gets paid back by your tenant.
We enter into a type of lease that gives FutureRent the right to collect a fixed amount of rent from your investment property. Once we collect the fixed amount, our agreement will end.
  • Your investment property must be located in our service area
  • Your investment property must be owned in your personal name/s
  • A property management agreement must be in place
  • You must have good credit history, with no recent history of bankruptcy or insolvency
  • If you’re applying for our Rented service, your investment property must be tenanted
  • If you’re applying for a 6 month repayment term, we simply check your credit score is above 600
  • If you’re applying for a 12 month repayment term, we check your credit score is above 600 and confirm any loans owing on your investment property total less than 80% of the value of the property

4 Is this a loan?

No. That’s the best part. After we’ve paid you the lump sum, we simply collect the fixed amount of rent we agreed to receive from the tenant of your investment property. See ‘What is a rental prepayment service’ above.

5 What can I use the upfront lump sum for?


It’s your money, so that is entirely up to you. It is not a loan.

6 What fees do I pay FutureRent?

Our Rented service comes at a fixed cost depending on your repayment term – 5.5% for 6 months, or 9.9% for 12 months.

7 What are my responsibilities?

Not much changes when you choose FutureRent. The property and all the cost associated with it (including any mortgage repayments etc) remain your responsibility. As usual, it’s your responsibility to keep the property in good repair as required under the lease and/or under Residential Tenancy Law. If your tenant is late, we’ll talk to your property manager and try to resolve the issue. We ask that you check with us before you do any renovations or sell the property; and, of course, you’ll need to maintain insurance.

8 What happens if I have no formal rental agreement in place with my tenant?

Unfortunately, FutureRent can only offer our Rented service for residential investment properties with formal rental agreements in place. These can either have a fixed term remaining, or can be past the initial expiry date, but carrying over without any notice of termination under month-to-month arrangements.
Our For Rent service is available so long as the property has a history of being rented in the last 3 months.

9 What happens if my rental agreement ended and my tenant is now month-to-month?

That’s ok. We evaluate all applications on their merits. There are thousands of tenants in Australia who continue with month-to-month arrangements after the initial fixed term. If you meet our application criteria and are approved, you will be welcomed to the FutureRent family.

10 What are my tax consequences?

In relation to our Rented service, we have obtained a product ruling from the ATO to make things easy for your accountant and protect our customers. At the end of each financial year we will provide you with a statement showing the rent collected by FutureRent and your indicative accrued rent (see paragraphs 15(b) and 15(c) of the product ruling). The statement is intended to assist you in filling out your tax return and does not constitute tax advice. FutureRent does not provide taxation advice. You should review the product ruling for more information and seek your own tax advice on the application of the product ruling to your own specific circumstances. If tax laws change or if the Commissioner of Taxation withdraws the product ruling, it may result in different tax outcomes than those described in the product ruling. You can get a copy of the product ruling here, or contact us at here, or contact us at for a copy of the product ruling (free of charge).

Please note that the product ruling from the Australian Tax Office:
  • is only a ruling on the application of taxation law
  • is only binding on the ATO if the Scheme is implemented in the specific manner outlined in the product ruling.
  • The Commissioner of Taxation (Commissioner) does not sanction, endorse or guarantee this product. Further, the Commissioner gives no assurance that the product is commercially viable, that charges are reasonable, appropriate or represent industry norms, or that projected returns will be achieved or are reasonably based.
  • Potential participants must form their own view about the commercial and financial viability of the product. The Commissioner recommends you consult an independent financial (or other) adviser for such information.

11 Can I nominate more than one rental property?

Yes! You simply need to meet our eligibility criteria and be approved by us.

12 Can I nominate a property located overseas?

At this stage, FutureRent only deals with properties located in Australia.

13 I am a joint owner. Do I need the permission of the other joint owner to use FutureRent?

Yes, we will need every owner (whether joint tenants, or tenants in common) to be an applicant and party to our agreement.

14 What does the application process involve??


The online application for our Rented service, usually takes around 5 minutes to complete and will not impact your credit. Please ensure you have the following documentation ready for submission:

  • Some identification documents e.g. drivers license, or passport
  • a signed copy of the residential lease agreement
  • a signed copy of the property management agreement
  • a loan statement (within the last 3 months) for the investment property (required for 12-month repayment term only)

15 How long will the approval process take?

Provided you have completed the application correctly and supplied the required documentation, our verification process will take up to two business days, after which you will be notified of the outcome. If you are successful, you will receive our agreement documentation for you to sign and the funds will be processed one business day following receipt of completed documentation.

16 Does FutureRent carry out credit checks?

Yes, we will run a credit check when you complete your submission, but the type of check we do will not impact your credit at all. We need our clients to have a good credit history, with no recent history of bankruptcy or insolvency.

17 What happens if my lease ends and / or my tenant moves out while I still have an agreement with FutureRent?

Your property manager will be tasked with finding another tenant as soon as practical. If no tenant is found within 30 days, FutureRent has the right to instruct your property manager, or appoint a new property manager. Once a suitable tenant is found, a new residential tenancy agreement will be put in place between FutureRent and the new tenant. FutureRent will then collect rent under the new lease until we receive the unpaid agreed amount due under our original agreement, at which point you will become the landlord entitled to collect future rental income. You will not have to pay FutureRent any money during vacancy periods, however you will continue to be responsible for paying property costs / outgoings.

18 What happens if there is a dispute with the residential tenant (for example, if the tenant damages the property)?

The property manager will be instructed to deal with the dispute, including taking legal action against the residential tenant to enforce the residential tenancy agreement. You will be responsible for any costs incurred as owner and if FutureRent has to pay this on your behalf, the ‘repayment’ amount will increase by the same amount (making the period of the concurrent lease longer)

19 What happens if a new tenant is signed and the new rent is either higher or lower than the rental price agreed in our agreement?

FutureRent is only ever entitled to a fixed amount of rent. Therefore, the only implication of a tenant’s rent increasing or decreasing is that our agreed amount is either paid off faster or slower than anticipated.

20 What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

We understand tenants are sometimes late, short or simply can’t pay. We will work with you and your property manager to resolve the matter promptly. If any amount due to be paid by the tenant under the tenancy agreement has not been paid in full within 30 days of the date payment was due, FutureRent may serve notice to the tenant and commence proceedings against the tenant in accordance with the relevant residential tenancies Act to rectify the issue / find a new tenant (as needed). FutureRent may also appoint a new property manager if we believe it is necessary.

21 Can I change my mind, or sell my nominated investment property during the term of our agreement?

Yes, you can. However, we ask that you simply refund the outstanding amount FutureRent was due to receive under the agreement which is comprised of the rental prepayment paid to you upfront and the margin FutureRent was due to receive.

22How do I pay for property costs / outgoings?

It remains your responsibility to pay your property expenses, this is why you will continue to collect 20% of your tenant’s rent. You'll need to ensure that you pay regular expenses e.g. any mortgage repayments, strata levies, council rates, water rates, land tax and property management fees or other expenses you need to pay in relation to your property.

23What happens if any unforeseen repairs or maintenance work is required to be made on my investment property?

As owner, you are responsible for carrying out repairs and maintenance as per the residential tenancy agreement and in accordance with state residential tenancy laws.

24 What happens to my property manager once I enter into an agreement with FutureRent?


Your property manager stays place and continues to manage the property on behalf of you and FutureRent, provided they continue to meet all their material obligations. We will give your property manager a cheat sheet with everything they need to know and we’re always available to deal with any issues as they arise.

25 What happens if the property is damaged or destroyed during the term of the FutureRent agreement?

You will need to claim on your insurance and use the proceeds to either repair the damage, or pay FutureRent the outstanding ‘repayment’ amount to end our agreement.

26 Will you register a mortgage on my investment property?

No. FutureRent is not a mortgagee/lender and our agreement is not a mortgage/loan.

27 What happens if I don’t comply with my obligations under the agreement?

FutureRent will give you notice of your breach. If you still don’t comply with your obligations then FutureRent will perform those obligations for you (for example, to make a necessary repair to the property in accordance with the relevant residential tenancies Act). Any rectification cost or loss FutureRent incurs in doing something that you should have done will be added to the ‘repayment’ amount. The agreement with FutureRent will not end until the amount equal to the original agreed ‘repayment’ amount, plus all of the rectification costs incurrent by FutureRent, has been collected in full from the rental income by FutureRent.

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