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Frequently asked questions

Your property manager will need to find a new tenant as soon as possible. There is no additional cost to you.

Nothing, your property manager continues to collect the rent from the tenant and simply allocates part of the rent to repay FutureRent.

You get paid a lumpsum of rent early and FutureRent gets paid back by your tenant.

We enter into a type of lease that gives FutureRent the right to collect a fixed amount of rent from your investment property. Once we collect the fixed amount, our agreement will end.

No. That’s the best part. After we’ve paid you, we simply collect the fixed amount of rent we agreed to receive from the tenant of your investment property. See ‘What is a rental prepayment service’ above.

  • Your investment property must be located in our service area
  • If you’re applying for our Rented service, your investment property must be tenanted
  • Your investment property must be owned in your personal name/s
  • A property management agreement must be in place
  • If you’re applying for our Rented service, the loans owing on your investment property must total less than 80% of the value of the property
  • You must have good credit history, with no recent history of bankruptcy or insolvency

It’s simple, you can pay out the fixed amount of rent FutureRent is yet to receive before settlement or from sale proceeds.